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The National Development Plan (NDP) which is the pathway for social and economic integration in South Africa, paints a vision of integrated neighbourhoods where communities can learn, work and play. These integrated neighbourhoods should bridge the historic racial spatial divide through the creation of real estate solutions that are of mixed use and where people from all economic classes and races interact, socialize and exchange experiences and ideas. Philippi Village has shown bold and courageous visioning in establishing the first footprints of such an integrated development aimed at the professional and entrepreneurial community within Philippi, providing  much needed space for entrepreneurs to grow their companies. 

Through this development, the area is invigorated  with work, trade and recreational activities and opportunities. Entrepreneurs are actively encouraged to cluster and collaborate to strengthen their businesses, stimulating local entrepreneurship and creating promising economic futures within Philippi. Businesses located within Philippi in turn offer  job opportunities for residents within the area saving on travel time and -money otherwise spent commuting to and from work or seeking job opportunities. 


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A deserted empire emerging as the breeding ground for township entrepreneurs in Cape Town @philippivillageā€¦
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