Development Partners

Sujean Property Investments is a Cape Town based property investment and development company with a sizable investment portfolio that includes commercial, retail and industrial properties. Sujean has committed skills and time to attaining funding and investment to support the Business Hub of Philippi Village. Furthermore Sujean is mandated to act as principal partner regarding design solutions in the Business Hub development.




The Jobs Fund creates jobs by supporting initiatives that generate employment in innovative ways. The Fund offers once-off grants in the areas of enterprise development, infrastructure, support for work seekers and institutional capacity building. Established by the South African government in 2011, The Jobs Fund awards grants to organisations through a competitive project application process where only the best ideas are funded. Funding allocations are transparent, open and competitive, and are made by an independent Investment Committee. The Jobs Fund accepts applications from the private, public and non-governmental sector during calls for proposals. Project partners are required to share both risk and costs by matching the grant fund allocation on a 1:1 ratio for private sector partners.


Joint Venture Partners

The Bertha Foundation is a global philanthropic foundation with a mission to create more progressive and just societies through its four pillars: Activism, Media, Law and Enterprise. The Bertha Foundation is a Joint Venture Partner and Funder of Philippi Village.




Business Activator is a South African NGO, located at Philippi Village with skilled personnel providing free business support services to grow local businesses. This enterprise initiative has assisted over 4000 entrepreneurs throughout the Cape Flats and understands the market need within Philippi. Appropriately experienced, they have successfully operated a small business park currently at Philippi Village where 27 local businesses reside. Business Activator is a partner of Philippi Village.

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