Our Tenants

Primarily Philippi Village will provide infrastructure that will house local businesses. These entrepreneurs will be encouraged to cluster and collaborate to strengthen their businesses, stimulating local entrepreneurship and creating promising economic futures within Philippi. Businesses located within Philippi encourage job opportunities for residents within the area and negate them travelling long distances in search of work. 

Through the years the team and their various supporting partners have shown creativity, conscious choices, reliability and resilience to be the core principles and values. Philippi is a robust environment and it has been a conscious choice to operate in this area due to the lack of infrastructure. Doing so has required enormous creativity in finding solutions that has proven difficult to finance through regular channels. A relationship has been brokered with local partners and the community in which parties have come to rely on each other and show resilience when faced with challenges.

The result has been a vibrant and inclusive development bridging the various historic divides.

"2nd Take gives you access to exclusive, high-end, international labels at a fraction of the price. Although a relatively new shopping model to Cape Town, the idea of upcycling and reselling pre-owned clothes is quite popular in Europe. Get a second take on your wardrobe. We solve your cluttered cupboard nightmares and make your beautiful second-hand, pre-owned designer clothes and designer accessories available to prospective buyers."
"ABALIMI is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working to empower the disadvantaged through urban agriculture and environmental programmes and projects. We support our target group‚??s ability to replicate their success and transform their lives in their urban and rural environments."
"The Afri-CAN Charity is a South Africa based charity focusing on training, employment, free Internet access, IT training and community services. We deploy cafés providing training, permanent employment and opportunities within the poorest areas of South Africa. We do this by converting 12m shipping containers into fully functional cafes with on site bakeries. We are 100% community focused with all surpluses spent within the communities in which we operate. "
"More information to follow"
"Community Connections is a registered non-profit organisation based in Philippi, Cape Town. Our mission is to promote community-driven development by strengthening the capacity of community workers and community based organisations (CBOs) to conscientise, organise and act towards transformation of our society. We offer training and technical support and link CBOs with other role players. By strengthening organisations at grassroots level, we seek to contribute to development in a sustainable way. "
"The Western Cape Department of Agriculture provides a wide range of development, research and support services to the agricultural community in the Western Cape. The agricultural sector stimulates economic growth in the province and plays a major role in creating sustainable job opportunities."
"LEAP is a leading learning organisation created to give young South Africans the academic and life skills they need to become future leaders. LEAP schools have high expectations of South Africa‚??s youth and aim to transform our deeply divided communities, one graduate at a time."
"Lulu's Fabric Palace has a wide range of original Shweshwe fabrics on sale in her store. "
"N T N ACCOUNTING SERVICES is an accounting practice which operates as an accounting and taxation services Company registered in 2002 and is owned and managed by Natasha Hair & Theresa Hair who are both qualified and registered accountants and tax practitioners providing the following services: Books to Balance sheet, Cash Flows & Projections, Company Registrations, Company secretarial services, Debtors & Creditors, Payroll services, Preparation of Annual Financial Statements, Section 21 Registrations, Taxation services, Tender Completion. These services are offered at affordable rates to individuals and businesses varying in size. "
"S.N Clothing make clothes to order. School dresses, tracksuits, matric tops, work suits, t-shirts, jerseys and ties. "
"The South African Christian Fund provide funeral policies for the local community and surrounds, and are official brokers of Sanlam. "
"Simphiwe Mthywa, is a skilled shoe-maker, shoe-repairer and locksmith ‚?? with a great attitude and a huge smile. He used to run the Barksole franchise in Brackenfell, but always dreamt of his own business. Now, he has it, and works seven days a week in his shop."
"Sizisa Ukhanyo Training provide short courses and training to the community, to obtain skills as Cashiers and Petrol Attendants."
"U-Turn provides quality 2nd hand clothing. U-Turn Charity Stores are the classrooms for the job and life skills development of the Life Change Program at U-Turn. They are completely staffed and managed by people coming off the street."
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